Kadir Has University Joins EURIE 2018

EURIE is the new meeting point for international higher education, connecting other parts of the world with the great potential of the Eurasian region. EURIE‘s annual summit features an exhibition and a conference to expand the knowledge, networks and collaboration opportunities for the participants. This year, the summit took place in Lutfi Kirdar Cogress Center in Istanbul and Kadir Has University had the chance of attending and participating in the event.



Representing Kadir Has University were the members of the International Collaboration and Association Office of the University, Respectively; Dr. E. Burak Arikan the Head of the International Offices, Ms. Pinar Alic and Ms. Arina Kalina the officials for reqruiting new full time international students, Ms. Nur Eradli the official for Erasmus+ and EU programs, and finally Mr. Emre Gunduz the official for the Exchange programs.


The summit was a great opportunity to share ideas, experiences and best practices for internationalization of higher education and to generate partnership opportunities for academic collaboration, student/ staff exchanges and many other joint ventures, to discuss challenges facing higher education today, explore new trends and discover innovative solutions, and finally to explore the higher education systems, student mobility flows, recruitment dynamics in the Eurasian region.


Dr. Arikan and Mr. Gunduz also attended The Third Turkish-Arab Conference on Higher EducationTACHE 2018 in Istanbul which was is a joint partnership between Istanbul Aydin University and the Association of Arab Universities. The dates of the event were chosen on purpose to coincide with EURIE 2018 for obtaining the maximum participation and efficiency. The Third Turkish Arab Conference on Higher Education gave a platform for discussing various topics related to higher education such as mobility of staff members and students, joint degree programs, quality assurance and accreditation of institutions and academic programs, internationalization of higher education, universities’ governance and leadership and other fields of mutual interest.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-16 at 12.29.00 PM

KHAS had the chance of sharing its experience with the attendees of TACHE  2018  through a presentation Dr. Burak presented titled; Running Complex Partnership in International Level: KHAS Experience. 


The EURIE and TACHE experiences were great chances for KHAS to join the international platforms of higher education and share its experience as well as know more about other universities’ experiences. In a world where education is crucial for the sustainable peace and for the empowerment of next generations, we were delighted to see the strength and accomplishments of Eurasia basin and  to attend EURIE 2018 where we got the chance to establish new exciting relations with institutions from all around the world.

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