Kadir Has University Participates in the 14th Education Turkey Fair in Pakistan

Our partner from Pakistan Tri-Star Education has organized the 14th Education Turkey Fair in Pakistan. Where different eminent universities from Turkey gather in one big event that aims to bring the opportunity of studying abroad in Turkey closer to prospective Pakistani students interested in doing their undergraduate studies or graduate studies.

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The Fair was based on three main meetings in three main cities, as well as some different activities and meetings with some high-schools and prospective partners in Pakistan. Throughout the duration of the fair, Kadir Has University‘s representative; Dr. E. Burak Arikan the head of the international education and collaboration offices was introducing to more people Kadir Has University‘s educational programs, opportunities, and much more

First Stop: LAHORE 13 – 15 November 


Day 1 :

 On the first day we had a chance to visit LGS Def & Roots Girl Schools and Highschools where we talked about Turkish higher education and Kadir Has University, answered a lot of inquiries and took some selfies upon the students’ request 🙂

Day 2:

 On our second day in Lahore, we visited LGS JT & LGS DHA Highschools, where again we talked about Turkish higher education and Kadir Has University upon other topics.

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 Next, it was time to start the preparations for the fair hour in PC Lahore Hotel. We got the chance to meet with new prospective students and to introduce KHAS to them.

Day 3:

We spent the day on the road which we took to our next stop; Islamabad. The trip was spent watching Pakistani comedy films on the way, and enjoying some traditional delicacies and snacks to keep us giong.

Second Stop: ISLAMABAD 16 – 18 November 


Day 1:

Starting fresh, we started our first day in Islamabad by Visiting Roots Ivy School. Not only did we discuss Turkish higher education and Kadir Has University, we also had the chance to see some students’ preparations for practicing in a dance competition!

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Day 2:

This day was a long and exciting day; we first started by visitng Bechmark High-school, we talked about Turkish higher education and Kadir Has University among other topics. We also had the pleasure to participate in the honoring of some students and attending a show they had prepared.

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 Next, we had to start the preparations for the fair hour. The fair which took place at The Serena Hotel opened the opportunity of meeting new students and introducing KHAS to them as well as answering their questions and inquiries regarding studying in Turkey.

Day 3:

Our third and final day in Islamabad consisted of our trip to our next and final stop; Karachi. and getting the chance of bumping into the famous Abida Parveen!!


Third stop: KARACHI 19 – 20 November


Day 1: 

Karachi’s first day started with the preparations for the Fair Hour in The Movenpick Hotel, as always we spent the day happily meeting with new students and introducing KHAS. 

Day 2:

As it is our final day we had a checklist as the following:

✓ Started our final day by visiting Benchmark School, we explained some information about Turkish higher education and Kadir Has University.

 ✓ Tried to take a group selfie with a huge selfie stick 🙂

 ✓ Had one last dinner before leaving Pakistan.


The fair was yet again a chance for Kadir Has University to stand out and reach new prospective students and partners in Pakistan. We hope that the visit was as enjoyable to the students we met wıth as it was for us, and we hope to meet them soon in our campus once they graduate highsdchool.

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