Kadir Has University Joins the International Education Fairs “a2” Fall 2017 Fair in Baku, Azerbaijan

On October 21-22 of the year 2017, Kadir Has University’s International Education and Collaboration Offices’ director Dr. E.Burak Arıkan represented the university by joining the International Education Fairs recent “a2” Fall 2017 fair in Hilton Baku, Azerbaijan. The exihbition featured 27 institutions from 12 countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, RomaniaRussia, The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, and Azerbaijan. It was visited by 2817 students during the two days it lasted which was great, as the reason of our participation was to introduce our university to new prospective students who may be interested in doing their higher education studies in Turkey as full-time international students.


  • Kadir Has University’s Stand in the Fair
  • Baku City
  • Baku Hilton, where the Fair took place


The visit also represented a chance for Dr. Burak to strengthen the university’s connection by visiting the offices of our Agent partners in Baku such as; Azeredu, American LifeAtlas, and Celt.az (you can check their article about the visit by clicking on the blue link). As well as meeting other International Office directors from different destinations and universities who were also participating in the fair which always opens the door for new future partnerships, this was projected by Dr. Burak‘s visit to ADA Univeristy where he had the chance to meet with Vice rector: Fariz İsmailzade, the Dean of Faculty of Management: Elkin Nurmammadov, and the Head of International Office: Rehman Şahhüseyinli where discussions were made about possible double degree program partnership chances and much more. 


  • ADA University‘s Campus
  • Dr. Burak with one of our Agent Partners from CELT CollegesBaku Office.
  • American LIFE Language Institiute; one of our Azerbaijan partners.


Interaction and engagement with the students was a key element in the fair, Dr. Arıkan got the chance to casually chat and answer questions  directly from students which is the basis of communicating and recruiting students.

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  • Dr. Arıkan Representing KHAS in the fair and a memoire with some new prospective students.

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